Post-op Instructions

Cesarean Section or Laparoscopy Incisions: small amount of clear drainage or light bleeding is fine. Call office if site becomes red /infected or drains foul discharge. Keep band aids on 3 days and keep steri-strips on for 10 days. You may remove earlier if skin becomes irritated from the adhesive. May dry incision with hair dryer after showering. No baths for 2 weeks. No lifting over 10 lbs.- 6 weeks for Cesarean Section or 2 weeks for laparoscopy.

Diet: Drink plenty of water and fluid. Eat diet as tolerated. Use Colace for a stool softener to avoid constipation. You may use Milk of Magnesia or Dulcolax for laxatives.

Temperature: Call office if temperature is 101 degrees or more.

D&C/Ablations: Expect medium to light vaginal bleeding that should taper over the next few days. Ablations should expect vaginal discharge for 2 to 4 weeks. NO intercourse or tampons for 2 weeks. No lifting restrictions. Driving should be fine next day unless taking narcotic pain medicine.

Hysterectomy: Incision sites see above. Take Colace to avoid constipation.No straining or lifting over 10 lbs. for 6-8 weeks. Light vaginal bleeding or spotting is common. NO intercourse for 8 weeks. Take pain meds with food if you have a problem with nausea. Walking is encouraged, but getting rest is important for good healing. Avoid constipation. Call if you have fever, heavy bleeding or clots larger than a golf ball.

Driving: You can drive when not using narcotic pain medicine and when you can safely turn and move without discomfort that would hinder safe driving. Usually 1-2 weeks.

Bathing: Showering is fine. Dry steri-strips with hair dryer. No tub baths for 2 weeks.

Anterior or Posterior Repairs: Sit on pillows or soft surfaces. Rinse area with warm water after using bathroom and gently pat dry. Can use Dermaplast spray for comfort. AVOID constipation- use Colace and drink plenty of fluids. Light vaginal bleeding or spotting is common. NO intercourse/tampons 8 weeks.

Urinary Slings: May leave the hospital with a foley catheter in which case, you will return to the office in 3-5 days for removal and voiding trail.

Medications: Take pain meds with food if possible- may cause nausea if taken on empty stomach. Take all antibiotics if prescribed. Take pain medication until no longer needed. You may alternate narcotics with Motrin 600 mg every 6 hours if not taking Toradol /Ketorolac. Constipation is a common side effect of narcotic pain medication.

Please make post op appointment in 2 weeks with your doctor after surgery.

The doctors at CFW utilize companies that provide surgical assistants. They are not always in network for all insurances and you may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company listing the names North Texas Surgical Services (NTSS) or American Surgical Professionals (ASP). These are NOT bills and you will NOT be expected to pay anything your insurance company doesn’tcover for an assistant fee. If you encounter a problem or are billed for the assistant fee, please let CFW know.