QUESTION: How many people can I bring back with me for the sonogram?

ANSWER: Caring For Women strives to be very family friendly. We welcome anyone you wish to share this experience with. We do ask that any child under age five be accompanied by another adult. Anyone desiring to be present during the ultrasound must be present when the patient is taken back for the sono. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept anyone that shows up late. Appointment must start on time.

QUESTION: Can I video or take pictures during the sonogram?

ANSWER: This is a medical exam and therefore, we do not allow videotaping of any kind during the exam, including cell phones. However, if you bring a USB flash drive, we can download some images for you and will give you some print outs as well.

QUESTION: I do not wish to know the gender at the time of the exam. Can you write it down for me?

ANSWER: YES! We are happy to write it down for you, either on a keepsake card that you provide, or we will give results in a sealed envelope. We pride ourselves on our skill and accuracy, but we are not able to give a guarantee of gender. We will never guess or give percentages on gender.

QUESTION: I’m having a “gender reveal” party. Can you call/fax a family member, baker, photographer, etc with the gender results?

ANSWER: We aren’t able to notify anyone else, but we’re happy to provide you “results” in a sealed envelope, given directly to the patient.

QUESTION: How many sonograms will I get?

ANSWER: Two sonograms are typically performed during a pregnancy. The first sono is done during the first trimester to determine accurate age of the baby and check the fetal heartbeat. The second routine sonogram is normally at 20 weeks gestation. This is a highly detailed exam, we look at the anatomy of the baby from the internal structures of the brain to its toes. Often, we may be able to determine gender of your baby with a high degree of certainty; however, our first goal is to confirm anatomic structures.

QUESTION: I’ve heard that the heart rate of the baby is slower when the baby is a male, is this true?

ANSWER: There is no scientific basis for a difference in heart rate between male or female babies.